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Google Earth puts the World at your fingertips and allows you explore any place on Earth in the highest detail possible.

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Date added:11 Oct 2012
Last Update:11 Oct 2012

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About Google Earth

In the past, you could explore the Earth and view various places around the Globe only through books and postcards. But today, you can view places from around the World much easier and more convenient with the help of the Internet. Of course, you will also need a special application called Google Earth. This Windows program allows exploring the World by rotating a virtual Globe and zooming in and out to any place on Earth.

When launching the application, you will notice a 3D model of the Earth being displayed in the program's interface. At this point, you will be able to rotate the Globe in any direction using your mouse. You can also zoom in and out using the mouse wheel, making it fast and convenient to navigate to a certain place. Placing the mouse cursor anywhere on the map will display that location's exact coordinates and elevation. 

If you cannot find a certain place on Earth by using the mouse, you can take advantage of the complex search feature included in the application. By using this option, you only need to type in the name of the country, city or landmark, in order to be taken automatically to that specific place.

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